Yup that is the question I’ve been asking myself.  Why am I doing this?  I guess it is partly the fact that I think I’m a bit crazy, but it is also the fact that I can do something good by putting myself through what I think will probably be a torturous experience.

I have thought long and hard about what charity I would like to raise money for and my inspiration has come from local athlete Myles Edwards who spends a fair bit of his time training in Kenya.  Myles has been supporting The Pavillion Village Children’s Home and has founded the Gathimba Edwards Foundation.  Their aim is to create chances for disadvantaged children in Kenya.

I am not able to have children as I went through premature menopause at the age of 31, so in some small way I guess I can help these kids have a better life.  Until recently they didn’t have a decent mattress to sleep on or electricity.  Here any donation no matter how small does make a practical difference.

So this is why I will be running the Callanish Stones Marathon in the Isle of Lewis on 2nd August 2014.  To help give these kids a chance in life and to prove to myself that I am a runner and I’m a marathoner to boot.

Aberdeen Beach Bum Run 6


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