Week 1 Training (so far!)

Thankfully the weather has been kind to me this week and I’ve got out for a couple of good 3 mile runs (well jogs really).  These have been with the fabby folks of jogscotland Hazelhead.

This weekend I’m going to be tackling ‘the hill’ at the Royal residence of Balmoral.  Pity Her Majesty won’t be there to cheer us on, but I’ll be more than happy to have a good nose around and admire the scenery on the way round.

I’m doing the 10k run and my training plan requires me to get a 9 mile run in, so looks like I’ll be doing another almost 3 miles before I even start this race.  Not going to be going for any sort of time, just enjoying the run, but for those of you who are interested I’ve only done this race once before in 2012 and my finish time was 1:40:42.

I will be sure to let you all know how it goes.

Just so you can get thinking about what my finish time will be I have completed 3 half marathons.  My times in these were:

EMF Half Marathon 2011 – 3:33:46

Edinburgh Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2012 – 3:40:36

EMF Half Marathon 2012 – 3:40:31

I’ll take all my race stats for you all and try to put them into some sort of order.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the guesses coming through and there will be 2 bottles of champagne being bought.  Only one up for grabs because I reckon I will be most grateful for a bottle once I’ve finished 🙂

More after Balmoral, including some pictures.  Happy reading and running.


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