First Proper Training Week

It is safe to say that I have been a bit lax on the training so far.  There have been a lot of excuses and reasons I’ve not followed by plan, however this week, the realisation that I needed to get my butt in gear hit me with a gentle ‘thwack’ on the back of the head.

So, I was good.  Monday and Wednesday were jogscotland nights, so had a couple of really good runs.  We even did some hill work on Wednesday night.  Not even the drizzle could dampen our spirits.

Saturday came and it was parkrun time.  I’ve not really been running well recently, so I was delighted with my time as it was much better than it has been of late with an official time of 40:08.  A good couple of minutes off my PB but the strongest I’ve felt in ages.

Today it was time to really get my head down and do a 10 miler.  I do struggle in the heat so I set out with shorts, sleeveless running top, baseball cap and sun glasses.  Decided that since I’ve found hydration to be a bit of an issue, I would take my hydration pack with fluids.  Better to have too much than too little.

Unfortunately my company for the day was not very well, so I decided to go it alone.  I’m very much a social runner, which is probably part of my problem as I’m a lazy so and so if you leave it up to me.  Today was different though.  I knew I had to get the miles in, so off I went in my suitable clothing for the conditions.

I’d only got a couple of miles into my run when the heavens opened.  It was still pretty warm, so I wasn’t really bothered about the rain, other than the fact I was getting quite wet and my clothes were starting to stick to me!

I went on though, smiling as passers by like a complete idiot.  Well it felt good.  The rain was cooling and my running felt good and strong.  Even enjoyed some music which I don’t normally do, but it was nice to do something different.

The grinning like an idiot continued for almost 8 miles.  I had some very weird looks from people in cars when the rain was falling in biblical proportions.  Don’t you just love a Scottish summer? 😉

It was then that I started to flag.  The legs got heavier and the running got slower.  I was well on my way back home by this time, but still had to find an extra couple of miles.  I didn’t feel like it, but after another few sips of drink that gave me a bit of a boost and I was able to complete my 9th mile.  With only 1 to go I thought I would keep it pretty much close to home.  Just ran a way down the old road into town and when I couldn’t be bothered keeping going, I turned round and came back.  I knew it would be pretty close to the 10 mile mark and by the time I got back to the house it had crept just passed and I finished with 10.1 miles in the bag.

I dripped my way into the house.  A complete soggy mess.  There was not one article of clothing that wasn’t soaking (yup, that means underwear too!).  Thankfully hubby had made sure there was hot water ready so once I’d managed to peel off the layers, I was rewarded with a lovely hot shower.

I’ve now had a bit of a stretch and some dinner, which was protein rich and I feel like I’m glowing 🙂

I totally loved this run.  Even getting soaked.  I got splashed by a car and just laughed.  I thought to myself that people watching must think I’m mad, but just the freedom and being out there together with what mother nature decided to throw at me was absolutely fantastic.  I felt so properly alive and in the moment.  Just in case you are wondering, no I’m not on drugs 😉

All in all a good weeks training and I feel a lot more confident about the task ahead.  I still scares me witless, but I know that my running is coming together and as long as I can keep my head in the right place, everything will be fine.

Only 13 weeks to go now.  I will be ready 🙂


One thought on “First Proper Training Week”

  1. I know you’re a social runner, but just look what you’re capable of on your own! And you even get to dictate when and where you run. 🙂 Glad to see you managed the ten. The hard part is getting going, the easy part is the running. Keep it up!

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