Feeling Epic

It has been an interesting week.  At the start of the week I was feeling really tired, but then I realised I’d actually run almost 19 miles over the space of 3 days.  That is probably some of my highest mileage ever in such a short space of time.

The week has gone really well with some really big surprises.  Monday started with a recovery run from my 10 miler last Sunday.  That was even before I got to jogscotland in the evening.  Ended up over the 2 runs doing just short of 6 miles.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Speedsters on Tuesday night as I had some meetings to go to, but was back at jogscotland on Wednesday and the beginners group did fantastic.  More running and far less walking than they have of late so I was really proud of them.

Next run was Saturday and it was the weekly Aberdeen parkrun.  Last Saturday’s effort had been a season best, so I wasn’t really expecting anything, however the inspirational tail runner (Gregor) asked me what time I was looking for.  I wasn’t really bothered, but told him it would be nice to try to break 40 minutes as I’ve been struggling with this of late.

I took the incline at the start slowly and waiting till we got out along the top prom.  My pace was nice and steady and my breathing felt fine.  Before I knew where I was I was at the turn and heading back.  Gregor kept me company till about the last half mile where he stuck with some folks I’d passed.  I stormed as fast as I could into the finish, but just missed my target, but it was a season best and not a bad run, so I was happy with that and rewarded myself (as I do every week 😉 ) with a tea and toasted teacake in Satrosphere cafe.

Then today there was another race.  Dunecht Dash.  This is a fantastic 5k which is run not too far away from me and it is organised by a local school.  It is well friendly and there are a wide range of abilities.

It was raining and I had no idea how I was going to do.  It has a lovely down hill start, but with that the finish is uphill.  I just decided to go with the flow and from the off I ended up in last place.  I’m usually careful not to go off too fast, but it is really easy to do in this race.  I managed to pick a few folks off in the first couple of kilometers and by the time I’d reached 2 miles I was doing really well.  It was then I knew that this would be the race to break the 40 minute mark I’ve been struggling with.

I got to the last kilometer and when I saw the finish up the hill I just knew I had to keep running (albeit a fair bit slower than I’d managed to go earlier in the race).  There was a whole crowd of people shouting me home which was fantastic and fair made me do what I could and give whatever I had left to get over that line.  Turns out I not only finished in under 40 minutes, my official time is 38:54, which I was delighted about.

Unfortunately they had run out of medals, so a good friend gave me his (thanks Charlie).  I’ve since found out that I will get one posted to me, so it is only on loan just now until mine arrives.

It was then time for cake and tea (that seems to be a recurring theme here!) and then home, for a little break before heading out to run another 5 miles so that I’ve made up my training mileage for the week.  Thanks to my partner in crime, Shona for putting up with me on that run as by this time I was starting to get a touch tired.

So now I’m fed and showered and feeling epic.  I know that I won’t feel like this every week and that I will have weeks and bad weeks, but this has most definitely been a good week.  I have proved to myself that the task ahead is no longer a pipe dream and now I know I can achieve my goal.  That wonderful Callanish medal will be mine, and I get to help the kids at the Pavillion Childrens Home as an added bonus.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Dunecht Dash 11-05-14

Photo courtesy of Susan Burr 🙂


4 thoughts on “Feeling Epic”

  1. I remembered you did this race last year and now it is coming up again so thought I would message. How would you say the course is overall? Is it fairly flat bar the hill at the start and finish? Is it off road or on tar mac? It is my first 5k race in a LONG time so feeling nervous!! x

    1. It is a fabby run. It starts on grass, but the rest is on tarmac. Great atmosphere and lots of support at the beginning and end. Go for it 🙂 xx

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