Highs and Lows

Okay, so the title of this weeks blog is a little misleading.  I am happy to report that there have mostly been highs this week.

The week went like this:

  • Monday – nice gentle run with jogscotland.
  • Tuesday – Beach 10k – shiny new PB knocking just over 2 minutes of my previous time which has stood since 2010.
  • Wednesday – another gentle run with jogscotland.
  • Thursday – Rock Choir practice session.  Summer show is on 22nd June!
  • Friday – Inspiring Aberdeenshire awards ceremony at Haddo House.  I was helping out.
  • Saturday – Down to Glasgow for my role specific training for my Commonwealth Games Volunteer post.
  • Sunday – Long run into uncharted territory – 16 miles.

I was doing fine till I reached Friday.  The event was in the evening and I left around 11pm.  Was driving back and hit a deer.  Felt awful, but I guess these things can’t be helped.

Not getting home till late and then an early start was a bit difficult on Saturday, but I actually had a fantastic day.  Really enjoyed the training and I can’t wait to take up my clyde-sider role and be part of something special.


Whilst I was gone Gary had managed to fix most of the damage to the car from the previous night’s deer incident. 🙂

Then there was today.  To be honest I just didn’t feel like it.  I’ve been awfully busy of late and it has meant that I am starting to feel pretty tired right now, but of course there was no way my friends would let me wimp out so my friends had posted some ‘encouraging’ posts on facebook, which made me get myself together and head out into the unknown.

I actually enjoyed most of the run.  This has been the longest solo run I’ve ever done, so having read “Running Within” I had some mantras in mind for the journey.


It is a bit on the American side and a little dated, but it was exactly what I needed.  I managed to keep positive for pretty much the whole run, even when I was getting quite tired.  I just had a little chat with myself and told fatigue that I was a bit busy and I’d speak to it later!

Ended up running places I’ve never been before which was lovely and got a toot and wave from fellow Speedsters Neil & Jen at around 6 miles which gave me a lovely lift and then around 12 miles at Fittie a little boy said “Hello happy runner lady” to me.  I guess I must have been smiling 🙂  I was starting to wane a bit there, so that really cheered me up and encouraged me to push on.

As the miles ticked away I got another lovely surprise.  My time at 13.1 miles was 03:10:48.  My half marathon PB currently stands at 03:33:46, so I pretty much smashed it during a training run.  I also managed to get into the Great North Run this year, so I’ll be happy if I run close to this time.  Will be good to smash another long standing PB.

The last 2 miles were the hardest.  By this time I was running when I could, but to be honest there was more walking.  Just couldn’t seem to get the legs moving, although it was my feet which were getting sore rather than my legs.

Still I managed to drag myself through these last 2 miles and was really chuffed that I finished in under 4 hours.


So now from this run, fetcheveryone.com has predicted the following times:

20M 4:58:48

Mara 6:37:49

Not sure how likely these are, but only time will tell.

Got an easier week this coming week before venturing beyond again.

Happy running xx


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