Important Lessons

Well it has been another busy week.  To be honest I’m starting to get quite tired.  It seems like my marathon training and running have completely taken over my life.

I’ve got some good training in this week, especially at Speedsters on Tuesday night.  I am getting faster for sure.  The rest of the week was a bit lackluster though.  Monday and Wednesday’s jogscotland runs were slow and slower.  I just didn’t seem to have the energy.  Then I had a choir rehearsal on Thursday night which was a little longer than normal because it is summer show – tomorrow (more about that later).

I had a day off on Friday and ended up doing cleaning and washing, so I still ended up being quite busy.  Had a fairly early night last night and was up at 6.20am this morning to do my long run, which was 12 miles.  I’d decided to run down to the beach and then do parkrun, but I neglected to get up early enough to have anything to eat.  Big mistake.

When I started off, I don’t think my body was that awake.  Every step felt so heavy and I just didn’t seem to have the energy to go any faster.  Oh boy was I regretting not getting up earlier and eating 😦  I kept going, albeit slowly and was rewarded for my efforts by a Buzzard who flew across the road in front of me.  Was a fantastic sight.  I also knew that I was not in a very good frame of mind, so I did what I could to turn that round.

It did help to a degree, but my heart wasn’t in it.  I was already planning what I would do if I didn’t make it to parkrun on time and as the time ticked on I thought I had much less chance of getting there.

Lesson 1 – always make sure you are properly fueled up before a run!

As the miles ticked away my second problem started to come to the forefront.  I needed a bathroom!  Although I didn’t eat before I left the house, I did drink a pint of water, and I was drinking from my hydration pack all the way through the run.  I started looking at bushes and trees and wondering if they would be of any use as an alfresco rest stop.  As I was getting closer to town and the time was ticking on it was less likely I would be able to make the required pit stop.  This also wasn’t helped by the fact that my sense of direction is rubbish and I almost got lost a couple of times.  Thankfully I managed to go to the toilet in the Shell garage on King Street.

Lesson 2 – make sure you go to the bathroom before your run and know your route!

Surprisingly I actually made it on time to parkrun and managed a very slow 5k, which brought my total for the day to 12.02 miles.  I was so glad to be finished and was even more delighted when I sat down in Satrosphere and had a peppermint tea and toasted teacake.  Food has never tasted so good.  I really was hungry.

It was a strange kind of run.  In some ways it was horrible, but I realised that what it was actually doing was testing my resolve.  When the chips were down and things weren’t going in my favour, what would I do?  I’m so glad that I dug deep and managed to keep myself going, even managing to put a bit of a positive spin on things.  Despite everything I still managed my run and that’s this weeks training over and done with, and I even got to run in a couple of places I’ve never run before.

Lesson 3 – always look on the bright side of life!

You may be wondering why I’m blogging on a Saturday this week.  Well tomorrow I’m going to be singing at the Beach Ballroom as part of the Aberdeen City and Shire Rock Choir Summer Show.  I’m totally excited but it meant that I would just have had no time to run tomorrow, so I thought I’d better get the miles in today.  Really looking forward to it and I imagine there will be some pictures in next weeks blog 🙂

As for the coming week, well it’s 18 miles next weekend.  I’m probably going to be helping out in Peterhead at the Queens Baton Relay Celebrations, so I’m going to have to do another Saturday run.  Not quite sure where I’ll be going yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.  If anyone does have any inspiring routes, please let me know.

Happy running 🙂


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