Hardest Run ….. Ever!

I am saying that, but it is also the farthest I’ve ever run at a total of 18.08 miles.  It was long and sometimes painfully slow.

You see something I’ve probably not mentioned before is that I hated running when I started it.  I hated everything about it.  My lungs were terrible, my legs were sore and stiff.  It was horrible.  Gradually however, I started to enjoy it, so much so that as you know I’ve decided to take up what is the ultimate challenge for me – a marathon.

Today reminded me of those early days.  I’d fueled properly in the morning, but again I think I made the mistake of not eating enough during the run.  There were times when things just felt awful and all I wanted to do was cry.  I thought about phoning home and asking for a lift back, as I just couldn’t face going on any further.  Then I looked down at the word on my bracelet – believe.

It isn’t beyond me.  I think I knew deep down that I could do it, but I was battling with myself.  All those negative voices trying to get me to give up, but I guess I wasn’t going to let them get the better of me.  I’d chosen a pretty difficult route with some horrific inclines which turned out to be a big mistake.  I could bearly walk them I felt so tired, never mind trying to run.

Miles 12 to 16 were the worst.  One minute I was too hot, then it was raining, I couldn’t really get into a rhythm.  A few phone calls later (on the verge of tears) I’d had a pep talk from hubby and was completely cheered up by my best friend Shona.  The walking had given me a break and I started to feel strong again.  Mile 16 to 17 was pretty good but again I started to tire between miles 17 and 18.

I did however nail it.  Took me a lot longer than I was expecting, but I hadn’t accounted for my poor choice of route.

I even got to explore some pretty new places:

Run 1

Run 2

Run 3

The stats ended up looking like this:

Run 4

Once I’d got home and spend an age under the shower I put all the compression gear I own on and then hubby and I decided a trip to the cinema was in order to see Hiccup and Toothless.  Here’s a very bad picture of Toothless:


This was of course after I’d managed to inhale a pizza.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so fast.  Actually didn’t realise how hungry I was.

So again there were several lessons to learn.

1.  Eat more when I’m running.

2.  Don’t pick such hilly routes!

3.  I really do need to believe in myself more, after all I proved I could do it today even after all the doubt.

I’ve actually realised that it is only 34 days till the marathon!  This is all becoming very real now!

For those who want to have a bash at guessing my finish time, my run today equates to:

20M 5:19:11 and Mara 7:04:58 with may thanks to Fetcheveryone.com for the fabby predictor.

Link to my sponsorship page is:  https://www.youcaring.com/other/giving-kids-in-kenya-a-chance/166947

And finally, I thought I’d give you an update on something else.  I’ve been nominated by Myles and my good friends Naomi and Maz for a Run4It Running Inspiration award.  I could win over £100 worth of running gear.  Only first and second get prizes and the voting is on the Run4It Facebook page.

Link is: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152641540541754.1073741834.129024706753&type=1

All you have to do is select the picture with my name (Carol Wilson) on it and ‘Like’ it.  Voting closes on Monday and it has been hotting up over the past couple of days.  The state of me today I could do with a pair of compression shorts for my marathon!

Thanks for reading. xx


2 thoughts on “Hardest Run ….. Ever!”

  1. Carol, you really are amazing! I love reading your blogs 🙂
    Well done you, you are smashing all these runs!! xx

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