Two Weeks to Go!

Blog a bit later than usual this week as I have been off on my travels down to Glasgow. I had venue specific training yesterday morning followed by a sneak preview of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.  All I can say is that I enjoyed it and can’t wait to see it on the TV as you get a much better perspective that way 🙂

Now down to business.  Taper is in full swing, and slight madness has set in.  I was worried about not getting a long run in this week, so to counteract that I decided to run to and from work.  I needed 12 miles and this gave me 11.5 which was close enough.  This was quite clearly a crazy idea though, so I know that I’m starting to go a little silly.

All I can think about still is running, so when I’m not running I feel like I should be.  I know this will pass and thankfully because I’m going to be busy this week I should manage to hold it together.

I’m heading down to Glasgow on Tuesday, working at the Games Wednesday and Thursday and coming back home on Friday, just in time to do some runs!  Might even manage parkrun without having to tie a long run into it, although I still do need 8 miles at some point!

I still have one troublesome blister on one of my toes.  The outer blister has been taken care of, but it would seem that there is another blister underneath!  Just trying to take care of that as I’ll be doing quite a bit of walking around when I’m down in Glasgow.

The main point of the blog this week is to give a heartfelt thanks to all my supporters.  There are even some Fetchie friends who are coming to run, so a special mention to Ultracat, Crooked Smile, Medal Slut and Redwinerunner.  Ladies, when you pass me, please give me some encouragement and if I’m near the end, make sure I get over that line!

I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed at all the donations and messages.  I know that it will be a very emotional experience for me and I pretty much suspected to be in tears at some point, but I just can’t comprehend that by this time in 2 weeks, I’ll have actually run a marathon.

I will have achieved something I never could have imagined just a couple of years ago.  Being able to push myself to my own limits in order to help others gives me an enormous sense of pride.

I’m looking forward to telling the tale, although I’m still a little scared!

For this week all that it remains for me to do is remind those of you who have donated, but wish to be in the draw for the champagne, to let me know either here or facebook or carrier pigeon your guess for my finishing time.

I’ll make sure the page is up to date before I head off to Lewis next Thursday.

Thanks again for all your support, only one more blog to go …. xxx


3 thoughts on “Two Weeks to Go!”

  1. As I say every week, you will be FAB, I was speaking to a few runners at Dundee today and they are running it too, and I said to them to look out for you and cheer you on, I’m so excited for you, as you know I will be flying to Dublin with a few other members of Jogscotland Hazlehead on the day you run, but we will all be thinking of you and wish you well x

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