Commonwealth Come Down

What a week it has been.  I feel pretty tired and it is back to work tomorrow for 3 days unfortunately.

My time at the Commonwealth Games was amazing.  Nope, I didn’t see any top athletes but the atmosphere in Glasgow was something else.  I’ve never seen the city so vibrant and alive.

I had a fantastic time volunteering.  Didn’t think I’d contributed much, but I had a job to do and no matter how small what I did has contributed to the smooth running of things.

The thing that struck me most was how friendly everyone was.  Everyone would talk to you if you had a uniform on.  I spent an amusing few hours in the Botanic Gardens and had a whole host of people saying hello.  There was a buzz about the place and that made it so very special.

On the downside, I only had 2 shifts, so before I knew where I was I had to go home again.  I’d also suffered in the heat and a nasty heat rash broke out on one of my legs and there was quite a bit of swelling 😦  Thankfully the last few days this has subsided and everything seems to be back to ‘normal’.

I dragged myself to parkrun yesterday where it was hot once more but just did a gentle run.  Wasn’t bothered about time, just wanted to cruise round and make sure I didn’t stop.  The 9:1 strategy I’m doing for the marathon has tempted me to be a little lazy on shorter runs, so I was glad I just got on with it.

I still need to complete my training by doing 8 miles today.  I seem to have become quite lethargic and the thought of going out this evening to do this doesn’t exactly excite me 😦  I do however have my running gear on ready to go out, but I’m waiting for it to get a little cooler, so I could be doing a very late run.

Packing has started, mainly my race gear and other items I won’t need till Lewis (jungle formula etc).  I’m also now starting to get nervous.  I know I’ve done the miles and the training, but there is that little bit of doubt creeping in now that the event is only 6 days away.

Just trying to push that out of my mind and have been watching some inspiring performances today from our athletes so that has helped.  After today only a couple of short runs to go and then it is showtime or rather marathon time.

I’m still questioning my sanity as I think I must be somewhat unhinged, but I’m also looking forward to it.  I know although it will probably be a very lonely race I will get support along the way and hopefully promise of booze at the end will keep me going!

I should get the chance to blog before I go, but if not – see you on the other side and thanks again for all your support.  xxx


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