Just a quick post.  My friend Craig posted this as a response to one of my blog posts on facebook.  It is very fitting and I thought it was well worth airing to everyone else out there, so enjoy.

The marathon is a strange beast. I’ve run 9 now and 1 has been great (my 4th) some have been good and some have been just hell on earth but they all feel great when you’re finished. Emotionally it’s a roller coaster. You start off full of beans and in high spirits then you think of just how far you have to go and the mood dips but it doesn’t last. Then it’s highs and lows all the way with little victories conquering hills or lows when your a bit out of breath. In virtually all my marathons I felt awful at around 18 miles but I got through it and battled on to the end. At 24 miles you think there is no way you’ll get to the end but just keep taking one step at a time and break it into mini victories. Get to the next lamp post or street corner, then the next, then the next. Before you know it you will be at 26 miles and that last point 1 is in the bag. Then you see the finish. The pain goes. You feel great. You could hardly walk 5 mins ago but now you are flying. Then the tears come from nowhere. Man or boy, woman or girl when we cross that line on out first ever marathon we all cry buckets. You get a grip but then you see someone you know and off you go again. Then you realise your legs have stopped working and everything hurts. But that too passes and before you know that’s all forgotten and marathon number 2 has been entered. Enjoy. It’s a hell of a ride but one you will cherish and remember for ever. You only ever get 1 very first marathon.


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