The Aftermath aka One Week On (What Will I do Next)

I really can’t believe that it has already been a week since the marathon.  I’ve come out the other side pretty much unscathed.  The blisters have healed and the DOMS have subsided.

I keep having to actually pinch myself.  I’ve been carrying my medal almost everywhere I go, purely as a bit of a reality check as even I don’t quite believe I did it.

I must admit I was so determined that I knew I would finish, but it does all still seem a little unreal.  When I think about the day it’s almost as if I’m looking at it from an observers point of view.  Very strange feeling, but it actually just means that I want to have another go!

So much for only one marathon!  I guess you do get hooked.  There was laughter after the event that I only needed to do another 99 to join the 100 marathon club.  Whilst I have no intention of trying that, I do see how people get hooked into doing these things.

Anyway, I’m digressing, back to the subject of the blog.  I’m now in a bit of a state of limbo about what to do next.  My next big target is to run as close to a 3 hour half marathon, which I will get the chance to give a go at the BUPA Great North Run in 4 weeks.  I’m secretly hoping for sub 3 hours, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t get it.  What I really want it to blow that PB of mine right out the water.

It’s after that which I’m struggling to fill my time.  That’s the problem with marathon training.  It takes over your life.

I guess loosely speaking my plans or at least my overall objectives are (in no particular order):

  • Smash my half marathon PB
  • Get faster at 5k
  • Get faster at 10k
  • Try some track shorter distances (I would like a full set of PBs this year)
  • Sign up for another marathon

One thing I have decided is that I will continue writing this blog.  Your support has been amazing, so it’s only right I keep you entertained.  I may digress a bit now that the main event is over, but rest assured I will still be writing mainly about running 🙂

Just to remind both you and mainly me, here are some more pictures from last week courtesy of

Was originally walking, but spotted the camera!
Was originally walking, but spotted the camera!
Amazing view at Blackhouse Village
Amazing view at Blackhouse Village
Grimace of the Century!
Grimace of the Century!

Last one is courtesy of Tony Jones which was taken at Hazlehead jogscotland last Wednesday when I got back:

Fat girl needs to go on a diet!
Fat girl needs to go on a diet!

I have got another couple of races this year other than the GNR.  I’m doing the 5k at the Fare Challenge, which will be my first proper trail 5k run.  Doing this one purely for the fun of it, so no expectations.  I’ve also signed up for the Baxters River Ness 10k as I love the course.  Again, not putting any pressure on myself for this one, but it is a PB course, so we will see how I feel and I might just go for it 🙂

Any other suggestions welcome especially for marathons.  I do have a problem because I’m a slower runner and a lot of these events have cut off times, so if you know of any who either have an early start or no cut off, please let me know.  I am in the ballot for London, but I don’t think that I’ll get in.  What are the chances of getting lucky with a ballot twice in one year?

Lastly for today I thought I should give you a bit of an update on the fundraising front.  Thanks to all you generous folks the current total is £1,983.20.

Thank you all again, you are a fantastic bunch who I’m proud to call my friends and family.


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