Gravity Fail

I’ve been getting back into the swing of things, although I keep forgetting that it is only a couple of weeks since the marathon.  Seems like it was months ago.

I’m being a lot more flexible with the training for the Great North Run, although I was gutted that I couldn’t plan in a long run last week, so I ended up running to work and home again.  I actually really enjoyed it.  Great way to get miles in and I felt so much more alert at work.

Saturday was the Inaugural Hazlehead parkrun and I was on timing duties.  Looks like a tough course, but also a lot of fun as there are massive puddles 🙂

Wasn’t able to sample the cafe menu though as it was straight to the hairdresser for me to get my roots done!  This going grey malarkey is no fun and it costs a fortune.  It was actually good timing as I had a work night out on Saturday night, so at least I could look a bit glam for a change.

Things were going well, then before I’d even had much to drink I had a gravity failure.  Skidded or slipped off a kerb which was a bit uneven and hit the deck.  Had a really sore foot and some grazes, but carried on regardless.  I was reminded that alcohol really dulls pain.

Had a fantastic evening, but by the time I got home (before midnight!) the pain started to return and even although I elevated my foot, by the Sunday morning it was swollen and sore, so I ended up being driven to A&E.  This is the result:


Thankfully nothing broken, just sprained, so I’m forced to take things easy till it gets better.  Typically I’m desperate to go out for a run, but RICE is the order of the day for me and with the GNR so close I’m not doing anything to jeopordise my recovery.

Moral of the story – don’t wear wedge heels on uneven surfaces.  Flat shoes all the way for me on nights out from now on!


2 thoughts on “Gravity Fail”

  1. Aye Carol I find that heels are bad all of the time not just on uneven surfaces. Hope your recovery goes well. Still over 2 weeks to GNR.

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