Sprains and Springing Back

Well it has been a week since my unscheduled trip to A&E.  The poor sprained ankle has been getting better but it is still not right.  However I decided to go ahead with my plans to run the Fare Challenge 5k.

Since my disagreement with gravity I knew that a trail run would probably not be the best idea, but I also thought it would make a good test run.  If I could manage it, full steam ahead for the Great North Run.  I was also a bit glad as I never really took time off after the marathon, so this was enforced rest.

The only problem with this was the fact that I was starting to go stir crazy and was desperate to get out and go for a run.  I just couldn’t so I had no idea how things were going to go today.

So, I was up way too early and then couldn’t settle.  Had breakfast, and still I couldn’t settle.  The phrase ‘ants in your pants’ springs to mind.  I was also still feeling tired after meeting up with friends that I used to work with on Saturday.  I even tried going back to bed for 40 winks but nothing was working.

I gathered everything I needed with me and set out to pick up Shona and then head to Kingswells to pick up Claire and Eleanor.  Things have changed so much around there that I just about got lost!

Thankfully we were soon on our way and it was nice not to have to travel for miles to a race.  When we got there, I was a bit concerned about getting out of the field, but it didn’t look too bad, but then came the problem of trying to find out how to register.  We all completely missed the markings on the ground directing us to the correct place.  Thankfully we met Craig and he pointed us in the right direction – literally!

We managed to catch up with a few friends and after the obligatory trips to the bathroom it was soon time for me to head out to my start point which was at least a kilometer walk from the registration and finish area.  Some of the signs were a bit dubious but I managed not to get lost and made it to the start with plenty of time to spare.  The start was delayed a bit, but we were soon on our way following a rendition of Flower of Scotland on the bagpipes followed by a countdown.

Nice downhill start and then we turned a corner and the uphill started.  Almost from the start I found it difficult to try and run on the uneven ground, so I decided to walk if the ground was too much for me to run on.  I soon caught up with a lovely lassie called Rachel, who was doing her first 5k ever.  She didn’t know what to expect, so I decided it would be nice to stick with her and we ran when we could and walked when we couldn’t.

Before too long the 10k runners caught up with us as part of the route is shared.  One of the reasons I really like running is because I’m constantly reminded that runners are generally fabby people.  We got so many words of encouragement that no matter how slow we were going a few nice words can carry you some distance and boost confidence.

On the flatter ground my ankle was holding up well, so I was pretty happy with things.  The time flew by quite quickly (even though it was a slow run) and before we knew it, we were coming up to the finish.  A few more words of encouragement and both Rachel and I bounded over the finish line.

Once our timing chips had been taken off we collected our medals and goody bags, it was time to part ways whilst I met Carolyn S to and we waited for the rest of our friends who were running the half marathon.

Some time past and most of our other friends had come in but there was still no sign of Claire and Shona.  I was starting to get a bit worried, but then they appeared, laughing and joking!  Seems they had been having a lark about (not surprisingly given the difficult course).  They were soon followed by June and Charlie, so that meant that everyone was over the line safe and sound 🙂

It was pretty much a grand day out.  Wins for Marie in the Half Marathon with Carolyn M second and a win for Tammy in the 5k and the rest of our friends doing fantastically well on all courses which were all tough.

I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to have another go when I don’t have a sprained ankle, so roll on next year 🙂

Showing off my new bling :)
Showing off my new bling 🙂

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Snedden.

Only 2 weeks to go until the Great North Run and I’m really looking forward to it.  Now I know I can run, I’ll do my usual runs with jogscotland Hazlehead this week, but just take things easy so the ankle can continue to heal.

Lastly, but by no means least, I’m delighted to tell you all that the target I originally set for fundraising has been doubled and only yesterday I was handed more money.  The total to date raised is a whopping £2,028.20.

Thanks so much for your amazing support. xxx


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