Just a quick post before I head off down the road to Newcastle tomorrow.  My ankle is healing well, thanks to Carol McGregor who is an amazing physio.  She also happens to have a fantastic name but I’m biased 😉

I have been good and resisted the temptation to even try to run, so my main aim is to get this ankle sorted and then build up again.  I don’t think I will have lost that much fitness and to be honest and I’m actually enjoying the rest since I never really did that after the marathon.

Looking forward to seeing friends running in Newcastle and having a bit of a girlie weekend.  Will blog all about it when I get back.

Good luck to all those running this weekend, especially my best mate Fiona (who I’m heading to Newcastle with) and the mad folks who are doing Glenmore 12 or 24 (Rhona, Rachel and Elaine – you ladies are nutters, but in a good way!)


2 thoughts on “Healing”

  1. Good luck with the race Carol, it’s one of my favourites. Just arrived home today after walking the West Highland Way and heading to Newcastle too for the race. Hope your injury clears up

    1. Not running Joe, just supporting this time. Sent back my bib to defer. Will have a crack at it next year instead when I haven’t run a marathon the month before 🙂

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