Long Time No Post

It has been some time since my last post.  A lot has been going on and I just don’t see to have had the time.

I’m still a little deflated as 2014 was such a mega year, I’m just not sure that anything I do this year will come close.  I have signed up for a few races, but at the moment I’m just not feeling the love.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not really that much good at running.  I enjoy it, but I’m never going to win any prizes or break any records.

That is such a negative thing to say, but with the weather having been a bit snowy, I just haven’t managed to train much and I’m starting to feel grumpy and lethargic.  I did get out for parkrun last week and even got a couple of miles in before hand (thanks Ann).

Handy Chair - a bit too wet to sit on though"
Handy Chair – a bit too wet to sit on though”
Just time for a wee breather before parkrun!
Just time for a wee breather before parkrun!

Then during parkrun I was captured by Stuart Bell apparently trying to fly!

I'm flapping my arms but nothing is happening.
I’m flapping my arms but nothing is happening.

The problem with feeling the way I do is that I have a 10 mile race in 3 weeks and a half marathon in 4 weeks.  I’ve done nowhere near enough training so it’s not going to be a pretty sight.  I’m actually wondering if I should give up my place or just try to get around.  Not sure I can face being last again though.

One really good thing that has happened was that I was named parkrunner of the month for Hazlehead parkrun so I duly headed down to Sweatshop in Dundee to get a new pair of shoes.  Spent ages in there, with the most helpful Ian Clark, who must have tried me with at least half a dozen pairs of shoes.  It was fantastic.  In the end I just couldn’t choose, so ended up coming out of there with not one, but two pairs of brand new running shoes.

I got carried away!
I got carried away!

I was hoping they would spur me on a bit, but that hasn’t quite happened yet.

Heading out tomorrow early to hopefully get a few miles in before another attempt at Aberdeen parkrun.  Hazlehead is extremely icy at the moment and the paths have been getting upgraded, so it is unfortunately cancelled.

Hopefully we will be able to run there again soon as it will be an ideal opportunity to fit in some longer runs.  I can even run there from home and back again.

I know that once I get back into the swing of things everything will be okay, but it is just getting back to it.  So if you see me out and about attempting a run, please give me an encouraging prod.

I will try to post more often too, as later in the year I will start training for my 2nd marathon.  I am starting to think that I must need my head examined for even signing up for that one!

Oh well, onwards and upwards.  Looking forward to the Gathimba Edwards Charity Dinner in a couple of weeks and also my birthday.  For those of you who have read / seen Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, my age will be the answer to life, the universe and everything!


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