Chafing and Cross Country (but not at the same time)

Hello again friends. It’s Sunday night and I can’t settle so I thought I would pop on here and write some musings.

Well it is the end of another weekend and it has been a bit up and down.

Had a fantastic couple of miles with Ann again before parkrun. It turned into a nature trail. We saw seals, a deer, squirrels, a buzzard, oystercatchers as well as magpies, pigeons and crows.

We even found another sculpted seat.

Seat in Seaton park!
Seat in Seaton park!

Totally enjoyed our muddy run, but soon it was time for a change of shoes and then off to do parkrun. Was okay for the first half a mile but started to feel very uncomfortable. Then it dawned on me, I had chafing issues.  It was worse though as there was more than one item on my person that was causing this.  The most severe was coming from dare I say it, my underwear.  Running whilst trying to sort our your under garments is not easy!  To add insult to injury my heart rate monitor was also bothering me.  This was the result.

Yup, it stung like crazy when I had a shower.
Yup, it stung like crazy when I had a shower.

I wasn’t really having a very good run, but finished and then got quite upset.  Having had time to reflect I just got a bit emotional, but at that point I could have packed in running for good.  However friends rallied round and I was soon over my little episode.

Then today came.  I was helping out at a cross country event at Haddo House.  It is such a beautiful place and the weather was perfect.  I had fun with registration and giving out medals and was encouraging people to part with cash to support the Gathimba Edwards Foundation.  There were bracelets for sale and I am rather partial to them.

Okay I can't fit any more on one arm, but I reckon I still have room for 2 more!
Okay I can’t fit any more on one arm, but I reckon I still have room for 2 more!

The best part of the day was handing out the medals. It was lovely to see all the day’s achievements.  It helped being in such a beautiful location.  There was enough time before heading home for a quick hot chocolate and a chat with friends.  It reminded me that is one of the things I love about running.  The commaraderie and friendship.

So I decided that I won’t enter any more races this year unless I really want too.  I need to put the fun back into my running as that’s when I love it the most.


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