This week I have learned two things about myself:

1.  I seem to have developed an aversion to running in the dark.

2.  I’m not as fit as I thought I was.

You may be wondering how on earth I have come to these conclusions, so I will elaborate.

Point 1 – For some time now I just have been feeling quite low.  I do seem to get affected by the seasons and I’m afraid I don’t much like Winter.  I love daylight you see.  Running wise things were going not too bad initially but I did suffer a couple of setbacks what with injury and illness but I have found that now, the thought of going out in the dark just does nothing for me.  Give me daylight and I’m chomping at the bit so to speak.  So much so I’ve decided that my running gear is coming to work with me tomorrow so I can squeeze in a lunch time run (flexi time is fantastic).

I won’t be able to make it to parkrun on Saturday, but if I drag myself out of bed early, I will be able to manage a couple of laps of a local woodland in glorious daylight.  I might even see a red squirrel if I am lucky.

Point 2 – Just after I graduated and got my first job and first flat, I found myself with very little cash.  I couldn’t really afford to heat my flat, so I would walk the 40 minutes each way to and from my work.  Then I would get home, have some food and then get out my fitness video tapes.  Specifically Cher Fitness Videos:

Oldies, but goodies.
Oldies, but goodies.

I would do at least one of the cardio workouts every day and lost 17lbs in about 3 months on this regime.  My flat was so cold that once I’d worked up a sweat, I would shower then put on several layers (including hat, scarf, gloves and bedsocks) and head to bed, which was topped with 2 x 13.5 tog duvets!

Not really wanting to go back to those days, but I’ve recently cleared out our attic so it can again function as a gym / fitness studio type area.  I got out the trusty Cher videos and lo and behold, I’d actually worn them out.  Never fear as you can get just about anything on the internet, so I went about ordering the DVD versions.  These duly came and I was totally excited to give them a go.

Well here is where I found out that maybe I wasn’t quite as fit as I thought.  By the end of the warm up section in the Step workout I was puffing like the wolf in the story of Three Little Pigs, although I probably didn’t have enough breath to blow any type of house down.

It got worse!  I couldn’t actually do the full workout (40 minutes).  I had to stop and walk a bit and then drop the arm movements later on.  Then there was the sweat.  I think I must have sweat out my own body weight in fluid, or at least it felt like that.  I was a soggy mess!  Hence the reason I discovered that I wasn’t quite as fit as I thought I was.

I have however had another bash at the same workout this evening (dropping my step down in height) and fared much better.  I managed the whole workout with arm movements.  Still ended up as a soggy mess, but at least there is an improvement.  I also gave the hellish 10 minute Abs workout a go.  It is horrid, but I know it works so I’m going to have to stick with it.

In other running related news, if is just over 2 weeks to go till Arbroath Smokies 10m Ladies Race and then Inverness Half Marathon the following week, and I’ve just not done enough training.  I’m hoping to be able to run to work and back the week before to check on my progress.  If things are not good I’ll have to take a decision about whether to give it a go or pull out.  For now though I’m fairly optimistic that I can finish both races, but I just don’t think I can do them justice.  Here’s hoping I can indeed pull it off. 🙂


One thought on “Discoveries”

  1. Carol love reading your blogs, you can of course do Loch Ness. You’ve got marathon miles in your legs so you know you can run the relatively short half distance. As for sweating I too am generally a complete mess after exercise and was told yesterday that only really fit people sweat profusely as a result of the body cooling down. So don’t worry about sweating. Go girl you can do it. The daylight is just round the corner. Good luck.

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