PB and Blisters

It has taken me a bit of time to get round to this, mainly because I have been a bit busy. I’d like to firstly thank Fiona for again putting me up or is that putting up with me!

Arrived on Saturday and filled up on pasta. Didn’t do much for the rest of the day and just got everything organised for the early start. The weather forecast was not very favourable, but I have run in worse weather.

I was starting from the back so headed for the obligatory toilet stop. Soon it was time for the off so I settled in beside a lovely lady called Nicky and soon we were off. I’d set my Garmin for 14.5 minute miles and decided to take it slow and steady.  This also suited Nicky, so we started together and tried to keep our pace in check (oh boy I love my Garmin).

A bit damp!
A bit damp!

I was able to do a little bit of tour guiding for Nicky as she’d never been to Edinburgh before.  We stayed together till just after 7 miles, when I started to struggle a bit, so I told her to go on as she was looking really strong.  What was amazing though is that I’ve always had to walk in longer runs.  This time I didn’t.  I did walk through the water stops (mainly because I can’t run and drink water from a bottle at the same time!)

Things were taking a turn though and by the time we had got to half way I could feel the start of blisters forming on my feet.  I was not amused.

Porty Prom
Porty Prom

Still I kept going.  When things did start getting harder for me I told Nicky to go on and kept running as much as I could.  Turns out that’s the most running I’ve ever managed in a half marathon 🙂  The miles went by and although I was now in quite a bit of pain from my lovely blisters, I dug in and just kept going on.

The leaders for the marathon passed around 10.5 miles, and then not that far behind Fetch’s own Marigold strode past like he was just out for a little jog.  I did yell at him, but he was in the zone and I was a bit of a gibbering idiot by this time.  Note to self, this is probably not the best first impression.

Thankfully just along this stretch I found another Fetchie (Duchess) who was supporting and I got a hug (sorry for the sweaty hug Duchess!)  I was really starting to struggle here, but I knew it wasn’t too far to the turn and I would be able to head back to the finish soon.

Typically though that mile or so seemed to take ages, but before I turned I saw my friend Katie and then Nicky on their way back, so that gave me another boost.  Only trouble was when we did turn we were into the wind.  I was tired enough without having to run into the wind, but hey I plodded on.  By this time I was very much running when I could and walking when I couldn’t.

As the weather wasn’t so good this year, there wasn’t so many people supporting along the route, but I still got loads of shouts, which were really needed as I approached the finish.  Got shout outs from other Fetchies and some of my Aberdeen Metro chums, which was really nice.

Even ended up getting a shout out from my lovely Physio and my lovely friend Tammy as I approached the finish.  I was elated, but as I turned the corner I found I had another 200m or so to go.  This was not so much fun.

Photo courtesy of Carol McGregor - Wonderful Physio :)
Photo courtesy of Carol McGregor – Wonderful Physio 🙂

By this time I was just knackered and wanted to be finished, but with more shouts of encouragement I managed to break into a jog, which got faster as I saw someone walking ahead of me.

Nearly there!
Nearly there!

Crossed the line with much relief in 3:12:54, which knocked another 6 or so minutes of my PB.  That’s about half an hour I’ve taken off that this year alone 🙂

I was delighted, although this next photo appears to be somewhere between crazy happy woman and crazy crying woman.

Grinning idiot.
Grinning idiot.

I managed to find Fiona and our other friend Val and we wandered back (in my case pretty slowly) to Val’s to get showered and changed before having a well deserved meal.  It was fun later on watching me trying to walk as we decided to get back to Edinburgh via the train.  Thankfully we made it and I didn’t have to wait for my train back home.

I’ve decided however that I need to wear my slightly bigger running shoes as this wasn’t the first time I had blisters in these shoes.  I’d worn them for my marathon last year and ended up blistered, so I give up.  My poor little foot has just about recovered now, but until a day or two ago it was looking like this:


Thankfully the toe has healed and it doesn’t look too bad now and I’ll be able to start my marathon training on schedule, oh yeah, did I mention that starts tomorrow!  Oh well, here we go again.

I’ll do my best to document my progress again this year and yes, there might just be another guess my finishing time sweepstake (if I don’t end up drinking the Pink Bollinger I have already bought!)


2 thoughts on “PB and Blisters”

  1. a lovely lady to run with
    Meet carol in the purple zone waiting to start, carol explained she helps the beginners class who run, I explained I normally set of to fast and burn out, carol and her garmin was great keeping us at a comfortable pace. When carol said go on just keep going I did remembering her words of wisdom, when I next saw carol she was heading for the second to last around about we had she shouted keep going, I total surprised myself I ran the whole distance no walking thanks to carol support, said I did not see her cross the line but we now talk via email and I am pleased to say have made regular contact
    Good luck carol with marathon training x

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