One Year On …..

I can’t really believe that it’s been a full 12 months since Callanish.  This weekend has been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions.

This weekend I’d swapped around my runs so I could do my scheduled 12 miles incorporating Hazlehead parkrun.  As the marathon was on a Saturday I kept remembering roughly what I would have been doing last year.

I left the house around 8am and it was already warm.  Thankfully I’d had the sense to put sunblock on my face and take some water with me.  I’d dragged myself out of bed way too late to eat, but that was fine as I’d have a chance to refuel after parkrun.

The run to Hazlehead was pretty uneventful, other than it was warm and for the first few miles my lungs were complaining as usual.  As a side note, I’m going to try to schedule an Asthma clinic appointment before Loch Ness if I can.

I clocked up decent time and arrived well ahead of parkrun start time, so I was able to have some water and the one remaining shot block that I had with me.  Soon it was time for the off.  I was already pretty tired, but I resolved to taking it very easy and just plodding on.  Just couldn’t seem to keep the momentum going, so it was a bit of a run / walk effort, and nowhere near my best time on this course.  Still, a run is a run and by the time I’d finished I’d clocked up almost 8 miles.

Then came the best part.  Tea 🙂  We have been going to the Golf Club lately as the cafe is pretty expensive and it takes ages to get served.  I’m afraid this is where my problems started though.  Greedily I ended up eating a doughnut with jam and cream and also a bacon roll along with my cup of tea.  I was still thirsty, so ended up having a can of coke, which for me is almost unheard of.

I lingered rather too long, but eventually decided that I’d better hit the road and head home.  Almost as soon as I set off I was struggling.  My breathing wasn’t right and I didn’t feel on top form.  Still I plodded on, albeit more slowly that on the way there.  There were some hideous coughing moments (which is why I want to go back to the asthma clinic) and I felt pretty rotten.  There was however only one way to get home, so I kept going.

It was still warm and I was running into a headwind (which actually probably explains my breathing difficulties).  By the time I was half way home I was really doubting if I could do this again.  It seemed so difficult.  How on earth when I couldn’t run 12 miles was I going to take on 26.2?  I was so mad at myself for even considering putting myself through this again.  Still I plodded on though.  I’d done it before, so there is no reason I couldn’t do it again.  Then with just over 1.5 miles to go I had one massive coughing fit, so much so that I made myself sick.  (Note:  really sorry if you were eating).

I stopped for a while, got my breathing under control, swore a little (okay a lot) and then started moving again.  Thankfully I’d turned down from the main road so I didn’t have quite so much wind to contend with.  I knew that it would all be over soon, and thankfully it was.

Later on I was able to put things into perspective.  There will be bad runs and I should know better than to eat too much and drink too much (especially fizzy juice) before I run.  It’s not the first time I’ve made this mistake!  Still, a run is a run and the miles were done.

This morning I felt very emotional.  My facebook page was full of memories from last year and I’d been reading back through all the lovely comments and best wishes I received.  It was actually very humbling.  The support I received from everyone was phenomenal.

I had planned to do a short run today, but instead opted for a trip into town and a walk along Aberdeen beach and some ice cream.  Reflection has been the order of the day.  I still find it a little hard to believe that I did actually complete a marathon.  Seems a bit surreal.  Still only 8 weeks to go till I do it again (keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes right).

Prompted by the comments of a run chum (thanks Maz and Shona (Holburnmum), I stopped by Lidl today and picked this up:

Bargin :)
Bargin 🙂

So really it is just onwards and upwards.  Glad I’ve had a bit of a rest today.  Going to be a hard week next week as my long run distance is up to 18 miles.  Still, every morning when wake up I see this on the wall beside my bed.  Then the pride kicks in 🙂

Most ace medal - ever!
Most ace medal – ever!

Then of course I have wonderful friends.  Rhona (RedWineRunner), Rachel (Medal Slut), Naomi (Crooked-smile) who got me round the course and Carolyn (Mother Duck) who got me this:

How far?
How far?

If anyone does need reminding, or wants to read all about it, here’s a link to my post marathon blog from last year:

A cut down version even appeared in the jogscotland magazine Stride 🙂

8 weeks to go and counting till I do it all again ……


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