Arg – 4 weeks to go!

Not that I’m panicking or anything.  Okay, you got me.  I am starting to feel a bit apprehensive.  This has been a cutback week, so there has been less running done, which I think it just as well after last week.  I’m just a little tired.

I decided to do my long run today as a parkrun sandwich.  I ran to parkrun, then did parkrun, then ran home (after a cuppa and bacon roll to refuel).  It was fairly uneventful other than it was warm again, so I struggled a bit, especially once I got closer to home.

My right calf decided to niggle a little today.  I don’t think it is really anything much as there was no pain, it just didn’t feel right.  I’m going to roller like crazy later on, but I’m heading out to dinner soon.  I have a pizza craving to satisfy!

As build up for the main event I’m running the Great North run in 2 weeks as the start of my taper.  Missed out on this last year due to injury, so I’m really looking forward to it.  Mo is back, but I doubt I’ll even see him.  I’m starting from the back, but I’m not really fussed as I aim to just enjoy it 🙂

This year has been very different training wise.  I’ve not put anywhere near as much pressure on myself and I have actually enjoyed most of the miles.  I think the gym has also helped though, as the cross training has made me much stronger.

Not really got any photos this week other than this, stolen from Tony Jones 🙂

I don't think our kit is bright enough ;)
I don’t think our kit is bright enough 😉

I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has sponsored me so far and remind you all that, if you would like to win the bottle of Bollinger (shown below), I need you to have a guess at my finish time.  To help there are a list of my long run times on the “Guess my Time” page.

This is the actual bottle you could win :)
This is the actual bottle you could win 🙂

Next weeks long run is 20 miles and then I’m into taper time.  Could be interesting ….


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