Successes and Setbacks

It has been an interesting few weeks since Loch Ness.  I’ve pretty much picked myself up and dusted myself down.  Time to get on with things.

I’m not done with the marathon yet.  I know I have a good time in me, and I would like to give it another go, but just not sure where or when.

There have been some things going on in the background that not everyone will know about.  I suffer quite badly from asthma, and thanks to Caroline, another asthmatic who pointed out that what I was going through every time I ran was not normal, I decided to book my asthma review early.  A month or so down the line and I can actually run now without coughing up a lung and I can sustain a faster pace.

My 5k PB was set in May last year, thanks to Jennifer, who was pacing me without my knowledge.  I’ve not really got close to it this year, however I think in part thanks to my new asthma medication I took part in the trial run of the new Ellon parkrun last weekend and knocked around 21 seconds off that time and that was with walk breaks!  Again I was running with someone else, but managed to hold my own a bit better and I really enjoyed it.

This week saw me back at Hazlehead parkrun.  I never get a good time here because of the nature of the course (it’s uphill quite soon after the start), but I had decided to run it for myself and lo and behold I ended up with a course PB of 36:38, again with some walking breaks, although credit has to go to Ewen for yelling at me every time he saw me walking 🙂

I have finally realised what it feels like to actually run free and it’s wonderful, I love it.

There is another story to tell.  Just around the time that I started getting the asthma sorted I had also been getting my blood sugar checked.  Well after the results not being great and some more checks being done it turns out that I have Type 2 Diabetes.  I will be able to control this with diet, but this diagnosis didn’t particularly fill me with happiness.  It does however mean that a few other medical conditions now make sense and this could be a chance for me to turn things around.

I can’t possibly do much more exercise than I already do, but I know I can improve my diet.  Next month I will get to see a dietician so I’m looking forward to that and just trying to figure out what questions I need to ask.  I fully intend on turning what seems to be negative into making a positive change to my life.  After all, I don’t give up easily.

November sees me back to racing with the Peterhead 10k and Fraserburgh Half Marathon, which is the only race I have ever pulled out of.  I have a score to settle 🙂

Onwards and upwards, looking forward to properly getting back into training and seeing what these lungs can do 🙂


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