And the Winner is …

What a weekend it has been, so I won’t keep you waiting and boring you with my week I’ll get straight to the fun stuff 🙂

Saturday was an early start as it was the Dandara 5k at Hazlehead Park.  This race (and the kids races) raise funds for the Friends of Hazlehead.  You can check out their web page here:

Had a wonderful time marshaling and it was fantastic to see all the kids running and some great Halloween fancy dress costumes.  There were quite a few runners from our jogscotland group there, so it was brilliant cheering them on.  Our group is based at Hazlehead park, so it is lovely to be able to give something back and I had a total ball, cheering on all the runners.

I couldn’t hang about too long afterwards, as a total of 7 from our jogscotland group were heading down to Glasgow for the Scottish Athletics and jogscotland Annual Awards Dinner.  Our group had been shortlisted for the ‘Group of the Year’ award.  We were in good company as there was other North East representation in the form of Tammy (jogsotland Kintore and general lovely supportive lady) who was shortlisted for ‘Leader of the Year’ and some of our friends from Metro Aberdeen who were up for ‘Volunteer of the Year’.

There was time for a quick change and something to eat, then it was time to hit the road picking up Carole (rosemount raver) and Ann (Abz1903) in the process.  The trip down was uneventful, other than getting in the wrong lane, but we arrived at the Hilton in Glasgow in decent time and one piece.

Quickly got checked in then time for a chill out before it was time to get ready.  I’m saying one thing.  Boy we scrub up well when we are not wearing lycra!

Before we headed to the ceremony.
Before we headed to the dinner.
Again before dinner with the rest of the group :)
Again before dinner with the rest of the group 🙂

None of us had been to anything like this before, so we weren’t quite sure if there were going to be hours upon hours of speeches, but we were soon glad to find out that there were no speeches involved, so that speeded up proceedings a great deal.

Was lovely to get to meet the folks at jogscotland and they were tweeting throughout the evening and managed to capture us all at our table.

At the start of the evening :)
At the start of the evening 🙂

The Awards Ceremony was split, so some of the awards were presented and then we got to eat.  We also had a wonderful talk from the one and only Steve Cram (who is a bit of a childhood hero of mine).

As we worked our way through the programme for the evening we were getting closer and closer to our award.  Our friends at Metro and Tammy had lost out on an award, so we were getting very nervous.

The moment of truth was upon us.  The nominations were read out and we made sure that we were cheering the loudest (it’s amazing how loud 7 people can be).  Then came the announcement.  Some of the girls were holding hands and I just didn’t know what to do.  I think I held my breath.  Then our name was called.  Lyndsay and I rocketed upwards out of our seats as the group of us made our way to the stage.  Our award was presented by Billy Mitchell, head of jogscotland, so there was the customary quick snap then we were off stage to go and get the official photos done.

Jogscotland Group of the Year 2015 - jogscotland Hazlehead
Jogscotland Group of the Year 2015 – jogscotland Hazlehead

As we moved to get the official photo taken I was totally shaking.  I don’t think any of us could quite believe what had just happened.  It’s such a difficult experience to describe.  We wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.  I think in the official photo, Louise is holding me up!

Official photo :)
Official photo which is currently the cover picture for the Jog Scotty facebook page 🙂

What a feeling, it was amazing.  Once the ceremony itself was over there was time for some mingling.

Firstly hanging out with Steve Cram.

Totally lovely guy :)
Totally lovely guy 🙂

Then with the host of the evening presenter Bryan Burnett.

Was fab speaking to him.
Was lovely chatting to Bryan 🙂

The trophy was pretty much passed around the table with everyone getting their picture with it.

Pretty much the only time I will ever get a running related trophy!
Pretty much the only time I will ever get a running related trophy!

Then the real fun started – dancing, and there was ceilidh dancing!  Having worn stupidly high heeled shoes, I gave the dancing a bit of a miss till the end of the night as the second half of the dancing was more of a disco affair 🙂

Before too long it was 1am and definitely time for bed.  I headed for my room, whilst the others decided to party on a little longer.  I can report there were some sore heads this morning.

Still can’t quite believe it, but am so proud to be part of such an inspirational group.  Wouldn’t want it any other way and can’t wait to catch up with everyone again on Monday night and show off our award.

Details of all the winners can be found on the jogscotland website here: if you would like to read more.


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