First PB of the Year

It had to happen sooner or later.  I’m currently 17 pounds lighter than I was when I ran Loch Ness Marathon at the end of last September, and with the PBs have been tumbling, but I didn’t quite expect this one!

I totally surprised myself.  I turned up to Hazlehead parkrun with no expectations, other than I was going to have a run and that is pretty much what I did.  Other than some posing before the start that is 🙂

Just messing around!  Thanks to Graham Macdermid for the photo 🙂

I took the start easy, but I did feel pretty strong and before too long I realised that I was running pretty well.  I decided to just go for it and see what I could do.

My Garmin beeped to signal 1 mile completed and when I looked at it, I thought it could not be right.  It said 12:54.  Normally I’m well over 13 minutes (probably more likely 14 minutes) for the first mile as you gradually go upwards.

I still felt okay, but had to walk for a few steps to let my breath catch up.  Wasn’t sure I could keep the pace up at the turnaround point, but as it is mainly downwards I thought at least I could use gravity to help me on my way.

Was starting to get tired though when I heard the beep for the 2 mile mark.  This time it read 10:57.  Wow, this was really fast for me.  At this point breathing wasn’t easy, but a few steps helped me catch my breath and I pretty much blasted down the course as fast as my legs would take me.

Never too chuffed running up here, but always nice to run down.
Less than half a mile to go!

I kept pressing on, but there were horses of course on the course, so I slowed to a walk to go past them, but both the horses and riders were not at all bothered my my heavy wheezy breathing.  Once passed I picked up what pace I could muster and by the time I got the beep a the 3 mile mark it said 10:33.  Had I not have been on the move, I would have fallen over seeing a time that fast.

I bolted for the finishing line and stopped my Garmin.  Could not believe what it said – 35:30.  After I had almost coughed up a lung and managed to compose myself a bit, there was an agonising (well not really as there was a mug of tea to be drunk) wait for the results.

Martin Fraser, Event Director for Hazlehead confirmed my official time as 35:32 🙂  I could have hugged him.  I did get up and run round the Golf Club like I’d just scored a goal, complete with shirt over face, however thankfully I was wearing 2 layers and nobody was quick enough to capture this moment on camera!

This means that I took 3 minutes off my best Hazlehead time and almost a minute off my Beach parkrun time which is most certainly a faster course.  Word is that it could be as much as a minute faster.

The funny thing that still makes me chuckle is that as I crossed the start line I joked with Martin that I should take about 10 seconds off my time as it took me that long to make it through the start.

I even made it into the race report 🙂

HH PR Report
Don’t think I was literally flying, but it almost felt like it once or twice.

The next day I went out for a long run with a bunch of our jogscotland group.  The weather wasn’t particularly nice and it was quite windy and my legs were indeed tired, ended up doing 2 runs – 7.5 miles with the group, then another 4 miles on my own.

Best thing was running along streets I’d never been along before.  Managed to get some lovely shots at the University.

I do love a turret.
Uni Building
Lovely architecture 🙂

So all in all it wasn’t a bad weekend.  Looking forward to another parkrun this weekend, but this time it will be part of my long run, so I’ll be going quite a bit slower.

I’m now at the slimmest I’ve been in as long as I can remember.  The diabetes diagnosis has perhaps strangely been a positive thing for me.  It’s made me make important decisions about what and how I eat and that has completely changed my life.  I can tell you it is much easier to run with 8 bags of sugar less upon my person.

I still have a way to go to get down to a weight I’m completely happy with, but more importantly even now, my blood glucose is showing almost normal levels and I’m determined that by the next check up about 5 months time, the results will be normal.  I may have diabetes, but diabetes does not have me.



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