100th parkrun

By rights I should have done this ages ago, but what with being injured for a while in past years and doing more than my recommended share of volunteering, it’s taken till today to hit that magic number.

Regular readers will know that I’ve shifted quite a bit of lard in the last few months and as a result I can actually run with lots more prowess than I was previously capable of.  Okay, so it is still not that natural or pretty looking, but it is most certainly faster.

What I really wanted from my 100th parkrun was a shiny new 5k PB.  A sub 35 minute run was what I was looking for, but as today approached I started worrying that I was putting too much pressure on myself.

Last night I was busy checking the weather forecast and checking the Aberdeen parkrun Facebook page as there are some ongoing works on the prom which I was worried would perhaps mess up my plans, but the RD and organising team had been working hard to get an alternative in place.

Had a restful sleep and then my usual porridge breakfast (counting my carbohydrates of course), then set off to said beach location.

Got there in plenty of time, so did a quick warm up and spoke to lots of friends.  I’d asked my good friend Shona (shondo) if she would run with me, so the first thing she did was confiscate my Garmin!  Then it was time for the off.

I made sure I didn’t stand too far to the back as this really wastes time and I soon got into a stride.  I knew said stride was definitely faster than I normally run, but I went with it.  We were joined by Ronnie (RunningRonnie) and Kristi (DeloreanChick).  I was working way too hard to do much talking, so any response I could give was pretty much one syllable.  It was also a swear word.  I was a touch worried I’d started way too fast, but Shona did let me know what my mile splits were for the first 2 miles.

With the works on the lower prom, the route had been changed to an out and back along the top prom, which meant no dips so it was flat and most certainly fast.  The slowest part of the run going round the cone at the turning point.  Somehow I managed to keep the pace up, but I knew I’d started to slow a little.  Thankfully I was still breathing fine when we reached the bend and I was given instructions as to exactly where to run to get the best line.  I was too tired to think, so just did as I was told.  As I got closer to the finish I managed to speed up and crossed the finish line.  At this point I had no idea what my time was, although I knew I’d nailed the sub 35.

Turns out it was sub 32!  Final official result was 31:31.  I was absolutely delighted.  My stats were as follows:

100 parkrun
PB Stats 🙂

We headed to the coffee shop at Satrosphere Science Centre for tea and teacakes to celebrate.

100 parkrun done
Looking very pleased with myself. Photo courtesy of Kristi (DeloreanChick).

I’m sure I’m still in shock as looking back the run was very surreal, but I did get text and e-mail confirmation of my time, so I know I did it.

Not long later another e-mail came in which also made me very happy:

100 notification
Yay 100 club – I’m in 🙂

With more races in the weeks to come I’m hopeful that I can add to my PB collection, but I’m taking each race as it comes, but what I am doing is enjoying my running.  Most of all I am very lucky to have the best friends and running chums, who have been with me on this journey.  It is a lot easier having you folks at my side, so a special thanks to Shona as well as Ronnie and Kristi for today.  Was great running with you.

Looking forward to the next few weeks and finding out what I can achieve 🙂


2 thoughts on “100th parkrun”

  1. Well done!!! I heard it was your 100th at the start (but should be way more with all the volunteering!) you SMASHED sub35!!! Wow!! Congrats again xx

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