PBs Galore

It is safe to say that I’ve had an amazing couple of weeks running wise.  Regular followers of my blog will know that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight recently due to me being strict with myself and eating a low carbohydrate diet since my Diabetes diagnosis.

Well in fact I’ve lost a total of 22lbs and counting in 6 months.  Here’s the proof 🙂

Great North Run 13/09/15 compared to Inverness Half Marathon 13/03/16

Needless to say as I’ve touched upon previously, carting around less weight has enabled me to run faster.  The first challenge was the Arbroath Smokies Ladies 10 mile road race.  This was to be the 4th time I’d lined up on the start line.  In each previous attempt I had been last, but not this time.

It’s not a flat course, so I just set off at what felt like a comfortable pace and tried to just keep it going for as long as I could.  When I struggled to run up some of the hiller parts of the course I walked, and before I knew what was happening I’d managed to break the magic hour for 5 miles.  I was pretty much elated when I did it, but I managed to keep some of my fellow faster jogscotland leaders in my sights and managed a repeat performance over the next 5 miles, except I managed even quicker as the second half of the course is more downhill.  Even when I was getting tired I managed to keep my pace reasonable.  Here are the comparisons from the last time I set a PB there:

Smokies Comparison
2013 Official Time – 2:20:31 compared to 2016 Official Time – 1:56:32

To say I was chuffed to bits was an understatement.  I was almost beside myself with joy.  Could quite believe I’d taken almost 24 minutes off my PB!

However, then came the cold.  It started pretty much the next day and I felt a bit on the rough side all week.  Was just really in my throat and nose, so I carried on running, but didn’t push myself too hard.  Well I had a half marathon to run!  So fast forward to the weekend just past, and I was in Inverness.  As I’d only just set a PB for the half marathon distance in November last year, I wasn’t sure really if or how much quicker I would be.

I just tried to keep my pace sensible and although I had a bit of an energy dip at 8 miles then again at 12 miles, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d found it the previous year.  In fact, I was again a fair bit quicker netting myself a cheeky 15 minute PB:

Inverness Half Comparison
2015 Official Time – 3:18:53 compared with 2016 Official Time – 2:43:46

Unfortunately afterwards the dreaded lurgy returned and I’ve not been feeling quite so brilliant, which is not good, since this weekend I’m scheduled to do my last really long run (20 miles) before Manchester.  I have been resting and I’ll try out a little run tomorrow, so keeping my fingers crossed.

Still really on a high from both weekends.  There were so many friends at both races and I also made some new friends as a result of my Inverness adventure and had the best fun on the train back to Aberdeen (although I drank too much Gin!)

If Carlsberg did weekends, I think they would have both been included.


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