Glenmore 12 – The Prequel

I’m pretty much packed, although I’m pretty sure I’m going to take everything out and repack again, just to be on the safe side and to make sure I’ve not forgotten anything.

I can already start to feel the butterflies in my stomach.  I’m nervous, but excited.  I know I will be fine come tomorrow at 12 noon, but I’m still finding out what this newly streamlined (as much as it gets in my case) body can do.  Tomorrow I’m pretty much pushing myself to the limits of my ability.  It is something I swore I would never do as I didn’t think I could.  Now I know I can.

That is such a weird feeling.  It makes me well up when I think how far I have come.  So much has changed in my life this year and even things that at the time seem bad, I know that everything that has happened is making me stronger and more confident in myself.  I also know those changes are for the best.

I will most probably be off grid due to lack of signal until I get home on Sunday, but will try to update via Facebook when I can.

Just before I go though, here’s how much I’ve packed!

That’s a 65 litre rucksack! Cat will not be packed. Note all important loo roll!
Food and G&T 🙂 Butteries from Garay’s Bakery (shameless plug)
Well that’s me off to sort everything out and load up the car.  I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten something, but one thing that it is not is midgy repellent.  🙂  I have been told they are fierce this year!

See you on the other side so to speak.  Good luck to everyone running and racing this weekend. xx


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