261 Fearless

Some of you may know or have seen on Facebook, that I was down in Manchester at the weekend.  I am proud to announce that I’m now a 261 Fearless Certified Coach 🙂

So what’s it all about then?  Go have a little look.  All the information you could possibly need or even want can be found on the website 261 Fearless.

If you would like to know more about Kathrine, you can find out more about her in this link.  Kathrine’s Website.

I’m mainly being lazy and because I’d rather direct you to the source 🙂

The weekend started with a delayed flight, which wasn’t the best start, especially as it was windy and I’m not the best at flying in small planes when it is windy.  I took the opportunity to have a G&T to settle the nerves.  At the bar they managed to talk me into a double, which in hindsight was probably a good thing.

The flight was a little on the bumpy side and I was struggling to not freak out as we flew through some turbulence, but finally we were on the ground and all was well.  I followed signs through the airport to the station and typically had just missed a train.

I managed to get the next train to Oxford Road, which seemed to take ages as it stopped everywhere!  Once I’d got there I called up the lovely Autumleaves who works close by and I wandered over to meet her for a most wonderful lunch and catch up at a lovely pub nearby.  Was lovely to see her again and it was brilliant getting updates on how all her beginners and other runners were getting on.  Sadly lunch was over all too soon, but she pointed me in the direction of things I might want to have a look at since I had a little time before I needed to get to my home for the weekend in Wilmslow.

I took the time to have a quick wander round the Central Library and then the Art Gallery before I took my last train of the day to Wilmslow.  The hotel was blissfully close to the station, so it didn’t take long to get there and whilst on my way I got a message from my room mate for the weekend Nicki that she had arrived which room number we were in, so I was lucky enough to make my way directly to our room.

We had a jolly good laugh at the set up as there were 2 single beds together then a small bed that pretty much consisted of a mattress on  the floor, so we elected to just share the massive bed.  Just as well we hit it off well 🙂

Our first evening was spent going for a little run and running through some fun warm ups and exercises to give us an idea of the kind of things you can bring into a session.  There was a lot of getting to know you type activities, but it was all good fun and very relaxed.

By the time we got back it was time to freshen up and then get changed for dinner which was had at the hotel.  It was lovely to just spend time chilling out and getting to know the Trainers and other participants.  There was such a lovely atmosphere, almost like old friends meeting again.

Bed time came quickly and although the day of travel had worn me out, apparently my silly brain just would not take the hint and chill out, so broken sleep it was.  We had a 7am alarm set so we could use the power of the shower to wake us up properly before breakfast.

After breakfast we were off to the function room to get stuck into things.  The course was a combination of theory and practical.  I just wish I could remember all the things we got up to.  I don’t think I’ve laughed so much for ages.  The practical sessions were really fun and full of good ideas and the theoretical sessions were packed full of information, which I don’t quite think I’ve completely digested yet.

Running Technique 🙂

Since starting my running journey I’ve been in no doubt that exercise is essential for physical and mental well being.  I know how it gives me a lift when I’m down and that the benefits of exercise are now being more widely documented.

The day was jam packed but we had a little chill out time before dinner which was this time at a lovely Italian restaurant round the corner with views of the Aston Martin dealership from our table!

After a lovely meal with a couple of glasses of wine, it was time for bed.  Neither Nicki or I fared much better on the sleep front, but we had a 6am alarm for an early start for the final part of the training.  We went over some strengthening exercises before breakfast, which was just as well as I can’t imagine trying to do them on a full stomach.  Then came breakfast followed by the last part of theory and practical and the nervous bit …. the assessment.  We were each given a scenario which we had to handle as coaches and lead an appropriate session.

I’m listening!

It was a bit of a nervous experience for each of us, but I decided to bite the bullet and go first.  Once I’d calmed down a bit it was all fine and then we enjoyed partaking in a bit of acting for the rest of the scenarios.

Once everyone had taken a turn and feedback had been given we were presented with our certificates.  There were lots of smiles and lots of hugs.

My Certificate 🙂

I was quite sad to be heading home as the weekend had been so great.  New friendships formed, new skills learned and I’m looking forward to embarking on a new challenge.

I wandered round to the station and bought my train ticket to get me to the airport, but they are not that frequent on a Sunday so I ended up in Costa for a while before heading back to the station.  Once there I received an update on my flight telling me it would be delayed (great), but I figured at least if I was in the right place at the airport I could just chill out till my flight.

Thankfully the weather was a lot kinder and the flight was smooth.  I got talking to my seat mate and told her all about 261 Fearless and we had a lovely conversation about empowering women.  Was a good way to finish off the weekend.

As I take my time processing all the information from the course I decided to have a quick look through my old race numbers.  Yes, I’m really sad and I keep them all 🙂  Turns out I’ve never had 261, but I did once get 260.  Probably as close as I’ll get.

I love purple 🙂



One thought on “261 Fearless”

  1. Can’t believe I’ve only just found this post. You’ve captured the weekend so well, lots and lots of laughter is my main memory. Such a pleasure to have you with us and what a wonderful club leader you will be.

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