Lockdown Blues

I have been working from home since 16th March. Boss and colleagues gently coaxed me there due to my long term health conditions. I have been to a supermarket once since then mostly getting provisions from the local Co-0p at the top of my road. What I can’t get there, my obliging boyfriend has dropped round (at a safe distance of course).

Most days have been okay and I’ve managed to get out for some form of daily exercise, but in the past week or so, any routines I had have gone to pot. As more races have been cancelled and others, even later in the year looking unlikely my training plan, albeit a bit on the vague side has gone out the window.

I’ve struggled to get out of bed in the morning, I’ve been eating too much junk food and I’ve been drinking more.

I was so excited to get a surprise package through the post but even my enthusiasm for this has waned.

Study Material

I’d taken to trying anything to cheer myself up, which included documenting my bed head hair on particularly bad mornings. It did give myself and others a bit of a laugh.

Not quite sure what I do during my sleep to deserve waking up to some of these!

I think that the hardest part for me has been the lack of contact. I know that whenever I’m feeling down a hug would make things all better. As my boyfriend Al is a postie, he quite rightly, doesn’t want to potentially put my health at risk. That’s so hard for me as I’m most certainly a hugger. Living on my own has driven me to the depths of despair this weekend in particular. It just feels like it’s getting harder and harder.

Thankfully I have amazing friends and Al has been brilliant as I’m sure it’s just as difficult for him, especially when I burst into tears when he brings me Almond Milk!

Last night I had the realisation that the lack of structure to my days was probably what was slowly turning me into a hermit. So I set about Google Calendar with some colour co-ordinated categories and scheduled in outdoor exercise time, study time, Zoom calls and Running Club activities. Just seeing something written down helped enormously. I went to bed feeling like I’d accomplished something, finally.

Today I’ve got a day off work (long weekend actually), and I am looking forward to cutting myself a little slack, but also getting on with those scheduled activities. I have found it hard to switch between work life and home life, given the two have now merged in my home, but have hopefully found a way forward.

It’s going to be a long road back to anything that looks remotely like the normal we used to know, but at least now things are looking a little brighter, so to end with here’s a picture of one of my cats (Poppy) demonstrating that she’s broken!

How can that be comfortable?

Sending virtual hugs to all my friends and family, until I can hug you again in person.

Stay safe xx

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Blues”

  1. Aw Carol I’m so glad you are getting some structure to help with the isolation. It must be a nightmare for you not being able to hug 😕.
    It’s great that you are sharing with us and posting some funny photos too!
    I signed up to follow you so I thought I would get an email when you posted anything new. I’ve only just discovered this post! 😮
    Hang on in there! 🌈 xxx

    1. Bit like a roller coaster just now. Work adding to the stress. Some time off coming next week but it is for studying so won’t be getting much of a break.

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