Virtual Race to the Stones – Day 3

No early alarms this morning, so up at my usual time but out the door shortly after 7am. It was sunny and warm. Had to take my jumper off for the most of the walk.

It got to lunch time and the weather had turned into cold and threatening to rain. Once I had warmed up there were only a few spots of rain so that was fine. Came home with a bizarre craving for peanut butter and banana on toast, so that’s what I had.

This evening was the best though. A socially distanced run with Annie (AbzAnnie1903). She went with the flow and after initially starting on a run/walk ratio of 90 seconds/30 seconds I was doing far to much yapping to concentrate, so just ran some and walked some. Noticed a sculpture I have never seen before which I really liked.


We had a little go on the swings and then carried on with only one more stop at the river to watch all the ducks for a bit. Very chuffed with just over 5 miles in total.

Distanced Selfie

Here’s how things looked for the day. Now 49% complete 🙂

Not surprised I am tired

Hoping I may be able to finish early but glad to be half way.

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