Virtual Race to the Stones – Days 6 & 7

Didn’t get around to writing yesterday. Was a bit miffed at the end of Friday as the app was showing that I had completed more than I had.

Had no plan really for Saturday other than cover as much ground as possible. Ended up wandering round with Al as he was doing a town round. Then got some treats at The Kilted Frog then walked home. When I totalled up the distance it left me with 5.77 miles to go.

This morning I got out just after 8am. It was a glorious morning. I did thus time have an idea about where I wanted to go and my route took me into a more rural setting. I was serenaded with birdsong and the the beautiful smell of honeysuckle. It was just the perfect walk to end on.

I had planned to finish at a Stone circle close to me, but decided on finishing at a Pictish symbol stone in the town instead. Stopped to collect Al on the way and he accompanied me to the finish.

100k done 🙂
Almost there …
Smashed it 🙂
Woo hoo

Am so glad I signed up for this. Although I did the majority walking it was no easy task. By this time next year I will have done it for real. I would have never been fit enough to do it this year so perhaps a blessing in disguise.

My main issue now will be keeping up the momentum I have built up. I do have plan but I have form for being full of good intentions, then not following through. I guess you’ll have to wait and see …

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